Shocking-Lost Weight and Cholesterol In 90 Days Of Fast Food, But that’s Not the Point

Lost Weight

John Cisna of Anci city, Iowa  lost weight by 37 pounds by eating fast food (McDonald’S). He was impressed by a 2004 movie “Supersize Me” where the hero spoiled his health in 30 days by eating heavy grubs. He, a school science teacher took a challenge to show that weight and cholesterol could be lowered by balanced food controlling calories intake limited to 2000 coupled with exercise.  He wanted to prove along with three students who contributed by getting nutritional info on food. The student prepared a chart of Carbohydrates, proteins, fat calories, cholesterol.  He didn’t stop running for 45 minutes daily. On the 90th day they noticed to have lost 37 pounds. He  says ,” I have learnt that the food whether it is fast food or any other, should be taken only that which we need. Choice is important whether it is mine or yours.”

Through he took all his meals breakfast, lunch and dinner from McDonald’s he was eager to prove that whether we take rich food or ordinary all we need to know is its value in calories and if it with in the balanced food or the key to sensible weight loss.

Many such example may be given for in earlier times. We have stories about someone ate only potatoes sixty days and lost 30 pounds. Similar results were obtained by eating pizza for 30 days. There are experts who oppose this view and say that we should not give in to gimmicks. We have to behold to good healthy food at home – we should not give in to fast food companies advertising indirectly to eat outside any food. The choice is ours. We can not rule out that which passed down from our ancestors. So fast without considering both plus and minus points over a reasonably good period should be our line of approach.


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