Most Memorable Father’s Day Gift by a Daughter

What gift did Nicole Perrella of Wheeling, Illinois give to her father, has became a memorable incidence all over the world.

Parrella has bone disease. She has six fractures in her upper thigh bones  and 15 surgeries done already. Because of surgeries she has to keep lying down on bed for most of her time.  The father takes maximum care of her in this condition.

She had pre- planned a gift – on this fathers day celebration. She took part in the ‘Nation Fathers day’ contest Vizio and worked hard and earned 1st position. She received a 60 inch LED TV that she presented to him.

He was all tears and got emotional  on seeing this gift and hugged his daughter. He said he did not know why they had come to Wal-Mart  on seeing the ‘Gift to my father’s video’ overwhelmed him with sweet memories. It was a high point in life to remember.

Most Memorable Father's Day Gift by a Daughter
Photo via – nbcchicago

Michel says they were passing through a difficult phase, but they do entertain each other by doing such kind  of acts. He said he is troubled the most when he sees her walking with the help of metal rods since her childhood.

Being an electrical and Marine engineer in the Navy he had designed with the help of doctors a titanium design using which she is relieved of her pain.  All in all it has been a sweet experience for them.  Their story on the net and media has inspired so many people all over the world.

Love is the most powerful  force in the world is demonstrated through this story.



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