You need to know habits so Cholesterol benefits

Cholesterol is a chemical compound necessary to make the blood cells. It should not go beyond a certain level otherwise it may prove to be fatal. High cholesterol can prove dangerous for the heart and brain and damage the kidneys. That is why one should regularly keep investigating the blood from time to time so […]

Find Here the benefits of Gooseberry (Amla) for you

Close up picture of ripe gooseberries.

Clinical studies have shown that traditionally Gooseberry /Amla possesses antipyretic, analgesic, anti-tussive, anti-atherogenic, adaptogenic, cardio-protective, gastro-protective, antianemia, and anti-hypercholesterolemia. In it is found healing most of the diseases, since it is anti-diarrheal, anti-atherosclerotic, hepatoprotective and has neuroprotective traits. It is the fruit of a small to a medium-sized deciduous tree native to India. The berries […]

Do you see the fantastic Advantages of Coconut Water?

Each coconut contains between 200 to 1000 mls of the water good enough for 1 to 4 cups. It is a tasty and low-calorie value natural drink. It may be noted that young, tender coconut water contains more nutrients and is more beneficial than mature coconut water. It is recommended to have a few cups […]

How to Focus on the Ultimate Benefits of Laughter for You

group of happy kids

Mood Changes for a healthy Output The mood of a person can get changed while laughing heartily, is pretty well known to all. It is because of the secretion of the hormones called Endorphin. These hormones promote the feelings of wellness, euphoria, and even or result in reducing pain for some time. As the mood […]

Here is a wealth of info About Cholesterol

Cardiologist Dr Arthur Agatston* differentiated the myths from facts for cholesterol. Cholesterol is essential for the running of the body. High cholesterol is generally believed to be the culprit for heart diseases. It, however, is not true because cholesterol is necessary for all the cells of the body and functions. Cholesterol carries out these activities […]

The Wrong Belief of Good and Bad Cholesterol

You would get disturbed when you come to know that medical milestone belief about high cholesterol is dangerous and is not correct. It is about the $ 100 billion medicine scam for making unethical profits. Researchers have proved that high cholesterol need not be hazardous to health as more critical data is required before it […]

See How to Make your Health Excellent by Humor


O dear Sir, if you want to enjoy good health, then you need to take the sure shot of medicine, known as ” Laugh and make others Laugh”. If you bring in tension into heart and brain, you will get older faster. Highly experienced physicians & doctors approve this. Research shows that good laughter lower […]

Laughter sprinkles elixir in our lives.


When do we laugh? Whenever we are happy or pleased or whenever we are enthusiastic, and our mind is in glee and hilarious, and we may further add as and when our conscience and emotions, get raptured, and are full of positivity. In such situations, we laugh hilariously. But the big irony is that nowadays, […]

Some Yog Asnas for healthy Life


Hastotanasana ( Reduces fat around the Belly.) in this exercise the hands get stretched up above and then arms are opened sidewards. This particular asana reduces fat and asana is very efficient and useful. It makes the spine and spinal bones flexible and is proven to benefit lungs related diseases.

See How to Improve Health by Using Plants

Medicinal plants in home garden improve health is a fact known to those who understand. These plants enhance family nutrition status and also prevent expensive medicines from purchasing. Putting medicinal plants along with decorative plants at home enhances the understanding and the value of such plants. Nature has provided us with the trees and plants […]