Know All that You Wanted on Haunted Places

haunted places

There are a number of Haunted places around the world and I thought of making a note of all of them here in this post. Starting from my country India, we will go towards the west and provide as much information as we can here. 

Funny For the First Time Here is a Decree On Cows

Amreli Municipality Order: Satire in Political Drama against Demonetization. The State of Gujrat,  located in the west of India has a common border with Pakistan.  Prime Minister Modi hailed from here and got elected three terms as a Chief Minister. The Congress party still has a majority presence in Amreli municipality. It has an issued a strange fatwa( order) very humorous, […]

A Wonderful School On a Cliff – Now Viral

It is a modern community also known as the ‘cliff village’ located a height of 1400 meters lonely mountain. The village is 200 years old and busy in farming chilies.  It was a sorry state of affairs as parents did not some kids to school because of the danger involved.

You See How Free Kitchen Solves Problems of the World

What is Free Kitchen (Langar ) and its story? Langar is the free kitchen where food gets served in a Gurdwara hall. The practice of the langar, or free kitchen, is thought to have been started by the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak.

You See Here New Logos On Facebook

There had been an ongoing but steady demand for buttons projecting other emotions than only Likes on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg declared in his post that he has launched emotion buttons in the whole world.

See One Wonderful Photo That Changed Two Lives In The World

On traveling much, French photographer and a tourist Rehahn met Bui Thi Xong, 74 an old boat-rower, on a trip to Vietnam in 2100. She was in perfect health. The wrinkles on her face and hands told a story of a lot that she came across in life.