Know All that You Wanted on Haunted Places

haunted places

There are a number of Haunted places around the world and I thought of making a note of all of them here in this post. Starting from my country India, we will go towards the west and provide as much information as we can here. 

Wonderful and Surprisingly Cheap Tourist Countries for Indians

Cheap Tourist Countries

We have come to know that Rupee is always weaker than the dollar. The exchange rate varies and draws 64.0 to one US dollar in this article.  People all over the world can draw the conclusion for the excellent rates in other places around the world for their travelling.

Tourists’ Etiquette Booklet | How to Behave in Japan


Chinese tourists do not behave well in Japan as they do not have the etiquettes, as the inns and hotel associations are troubled by their behavior. Recently the number of Chinese tourists increased substantially as the seasonal cherry fruit has arrived in the market. The tourism department has issued “An Etiquette Guide” in which are shown […]

This Will Make You See Top On the Web For Quite Some Time -1

First  Lady Michelle Obama College Video Rap Goes Viral (VIDEO) Michelle Obama, the first US lady, keeps herself busy to be in touch with the ordinary folks by spending time for various social works. She encourages and promotes education amongst school going kids saying that they would become good human being if they continue their […]

In Spotlight the Fascinating and Awesome Root Bridges

Here you can see a wonder, a double tiered bio LIVING ROOT  bridge that never got built but GROWN. The said bridge is nothing but the living roots of Banyan fig trees shaped so as to form a bridge across mountain rivulet. Living bio bridges.

Hawai the Paradise on earth, Famous for its Beauty

The photo depicts the waterfall of Honokohau of Maui Island in Hawai, USA. It falls from 2 steep hills and is said to be the highest fall on Maui as it supposedly falls in two ranges for a whole of 1119ft. A helicopter service is available for the tourists on the spot to experience the […]

They live below -50 C(122F) in the Village


How would you like be welcomed at a place where people live in very low temperature? It is Sudarvarti Oymyakon, Russia, a village in Siberia. It is called the coldest village on the earth, but people are living there on a permanent basis at freezing temperature.

Travel : 1) Orient Express 2) Sand Dune Lagoons


1) Orient Express a Luxury Train of Hungary  Many countries have added new luxury trains to boost their tourism industry. There are plenty of facilities made available on board so that passengers do not experience difficulties. Recently, such a train called “the Orient Express.” repetition of a train that carried the European aristocracy in the […]

Five Of The Largest Migrations On Earth.

Did you know about five of the largest migrations of the world? Every year 2 million heads of this creatures crossover from Tanzania to Kenya. The largest population of mammals lives in an area known as the Serengeti. It lies between Northern Tanzania and south-western Kenya in the equatorial region of East Africa. Wherever the […]