6 Steps To Get A Two Strand Twist

two strand twist

Either you have long hairs or short hairs, if you are looking for a unique hairstyle try two strand twist to give you a versatile look.

How to get a Tan Fast : Tanning Secrets Revealed

Glowing, brown and tanned skin is considered sexy. It is a beauty mark in many western countries. But just laying out in the sun is not enough to achieve a tanned body. There are a few points to be remembered while doing so, to get an evenly tanned body and to prevent sunburn. In this […]

How to Lighten Skin & Become Fair with Simple Home Remedies

Do you want to look more beautiful every day without any makeup? Do you want to get rid of dull and uneven skin permanently? If yes, then your are at right place. In this post, we’ll tell you how to lighten skin and look more beautiful than ever.

See Here World’s Vertical Forest For the First Time in Milan

The photo is of the vertical forest created in Milan, Italy. The pair of the residential buildings belongs to Porto Nova district. Notice here the heights of the towers are 360 feet and 249 feet. There is an office tower complex right next to the towers. The design of the building got finalized by the famous firm […]

Tourists’ Etiquette Booklet | How to Behave in Japan


Chinese tourists do not behave well in Japan as they do not have the etiquettes, as the inns and hotel associations are troubled by their behavior. Recently the number of Chinese tourists increased substantially as the seasonal cherry fruit has arrived in the market. The tourism department has issued “An Etiquette Guide” in which are shown […]

Incredible India – Millionaire Dogs Are Worshipped Daily

Believe it or not the dogs of a village Khanpur located at Chandigarh to Patiala Road, Punjab, are Multi – millionaires. The entire 800 families of the village worship and take theirs morning and evening meals only after dogs are through the benediction by the temple priest. The village temple covers an area of 80 acres […]

Gujrat’s Most Tech Savvy Village Is So Famous? But Why?

You may have heard of the most technical Savvy and famous Punsari Village, in Gujarat. Located 80 km from the state capital Gandhinagar, the village is a dream come true. Can you believe how a village came up in eight years from an ordinary one? All the Photographs are from the video Of You Tube: […]

The Magic of Ribbon That Changed the Life

One teacher in a New York’s school called each child of the class to her table. She explained to the students that each of them was relevant to the class and gave them a blue ribbon as a sign of honor. On this ribbon it was inscribed in golden color letters ” What am I, […]