What is Ketogenic Diet? How can it help reduce weight even with high fat intake?

keto diet

A ketogenic diet is low carbohydrate diet which contains high fats and adequate amount of protein. The diet forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. Usually, carbohydrates in our food is converted to glucose which is very important for functioning for the brain. The Ketogenic Diet helps the liver to convert fat from low […]

Simple Guidance For Tackling High and Low Blood Pressure.

Both high and low pressure are dangerous for the health. Both of these conditions warn of imminent danger ahead for the health. All of us need to know the parameters of the heart so that corrective measures may be taken when required, so that the life goes on its regular stream troublefree. 1) High Blood […]

Some Low Calorie Desserts

Taste is one the factor in human life that makes it almost impossible for a normal guy to maintain the level of weight exactly as he/she wants. The weight always makes it typical for a foodie to eat what he want.

5 Food Items Especially for Men

5 Food Items Especially for Men (2)

Balanced diet is the most important thing to be followed in order to have a healthy life. Healthy eating can be dependent on your gender sometimes. While most if the edibles are not biased according to gender but yet some of the foods are better working on a particular gender than other ones. Here we […]

Be Your Own Personal Trainer

To be fit, we do need a personal trainer, but every time its not easy to hire a personal trainer. So here we are giving you the most fabulous tips to to get a fit body. Sometimes its like, we can not justify the cost of the trainers. But that does not mean that we would not be able to do the work out and make our body fit. As here we are giving you the best tips and secrets of the what the trainers make you do, so as to do it at home without any extra expense. So now you don’t have to spend extra for getting a fit body of your own.

So here is a set plan for you and get your 5 a day from veg rather than fruit. The only golden rule is to vary your routine, don’t keep the same routine change it to get the best results. Make plank your friend, if you need to a flat stomach much faster.