Grand-kids’ Tree House Popular on the Net

Grand PA and Grand Ma living in Dallas made a dream tree house for the Grand Children. The elaborate house is popular on the Facebook.

The building is well known for a tree located in the center of the premises and named Tree House. Steve and Jerry Wakefield imagined such a house for their both grandsons to play around, almost nine years earlier. He discussed the feasibility of such a house  with his dear friend and architect James Curvan. The grandchildren Lincoln and Sullivan Scot were in their preschool when the impulse came.

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Photo: Dainik Bhaskar.

Steve  says that 100 square feet house having multistories with two decks and a suspension bridge with a crow’s nest for the birds was a challenge throughout. The gable has the provision to put a floor bed and stairs are inviting the kids to try out and reach the top. Even the little ones feel safe and try to reach the top due to four stair landings.  Additional inputs got designed having climbing walls and rope ladder. They insured that growing tree had no weight to support.

The playful toys and models in the house enhance the knowledge and challenge the intellect of kids. They can be innovative and learn new things uncommon like mechanical games involving nuts and bolts.  Wakefields would invite children from the neighborhood. A little kids cafe with smaller chairs is always there to welcome children for a friendly tea. The back door when opened, one can see the spacious deck for kids enjoy

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