Everybody knows what ache or suffering is. Every one of us, in different phases of life, suffered from physical pain. Many times infants suffer from stomach pain, or when they play, they get injured. They, even experience pain in their adult life from many instances.

If asked if the pain is harmful or beneficial? The answer obviously is, harmful. If one goes a bit deeper, one agrees that it is beneficial too. Pain is contradictory in nature that it is both harmful and beneficial at the same time.
Through the pain, one can learn that something is wrong somewhere in the body. If one does not experience pain, one will not feel concerned to find as to what is injurious or wrong with the body. Many a times the pain also warns of a bigger problem to come, therefore, do not neglect body pain and do not take pain killer but take the pain seriously. Do not take it lightly, visit a specialist to learn the cause as to what has gone wrong.

You also try to know whether yoga practice could help in the treatment of the disease. Well, yoga can help. The yoga exercise, which are being suggested depend on the nature of the pain. As whether the pain is due to arthritis ( rheumatoid or osteoarthritis ) or due to some other organ( like stomach) of the body.
There are many exercises that can reduce pain. When any injury that trouble the body, or some such activity happens, the nervous system sends a signal to the brain that something is not normal. Besides, some injuries, release a definite chemical around the injury portion following which our nervous system sends signals to the brain, and we feel pain.


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Yoga asan is a process in which with its help we send good signals to the brain and thus help us in pain. When you perform the exercise, ( asan) the muscles are stretched to a definite degree, the proportionate signals get to the brain indicating something is wrong. On the contrary, these signals cover those original signals of pain, and we experience the pain due to the exercise( asan).
Here it is important to know as to which asan gives pain and which the relief, thereby avoiding asanas that give pain.

Anu-vilom ( Alternate nostril breathing) and Brahmari pranayama generates certain chemicals in the brain that reduce the feeling of the pain.

There are many asanas that give relief in all categories of pain besides some of the special categories of exercises. For example, the yoga exercise arising out of due to osteoarthritis would be different from that of a knee pain arising out of pain during sports. Thus, it is proved Yoga does give relief from pain.


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