How To Learn About 18 Golden Principles To Be Stress Free In Only 10 Days

1. Do not waste time and feel stressed for whatever is not within your capability, instead, do that which is in your strength and means.


2. When there are many things to do, prioritize them, start doing them. You will notice that all jobs get completed to your entire satisfaction.
3. Prevailing situation or circumstances are not significant or small and do not play much part in life, but the attitude of mind does. At times, an insignificant matter seems a massive obstruction, and an enormous problem becomes irrelevant. Always keep your viewpoint at a lighter and a harmonious status and in every situation keep the mental attitude a constructive level.
4. No matter what the situation or crises is there, some lesson is there to learn. Do not feel down or beyond hope even in odd and uneven situation and it would be right to learn something out of adversity. Handle the situation with a calm mind.
5.Your smile would even turn or force even the enemies to become familiar.
6. As you have some deficiencies, similarly the others have some faults.
If you feel angry, the others have the same problem. If the other fellow misbehaves or gets angered, ignore it and deal and solve the matter in a harmonious way.
7. When you please someone else, you get rewarded and receive the happiness many times more. When you regard someone or love, be certain that you get loved even more. Therefore, in your giving you are reciprocated with much more.
8. Consider the adversary as a friend, because by pointing your faults and by deficiencies that get pointed out. You are enabled to chase away your faults or work to a better end.
9. No matter how easy or trifle a job done by other, always reciprocate and thank the other person adequately. You do not lose anything by thanking, but the other person gets satisfied and happier to receive the appreciation.
10. Discerning man will see his faults first, and try his best to improve the deficiencies. He will not try to find others’ negative points. Therefore, if we put our heart and soul to improve, there will not be any time left to see others faults.
11. After a tragedy strikes, it is of no use to keep thinking about the mishap. Valuable time gets wasted and in all likelihood weaken the person concerned. It is best to learn the lesson out of the experience.
12. If a job does not get completed with your sincere efforts, then be thankful and believe that this was in your favour because of your good luck and don’t worry anymore.

13. Whether there is loss or not, it is of no use to get angry. The loss is there for the person getting angered. So never get angry or keep any place for the annoyance.

14.Time is life. Wasting time is losing in life. Make use of all the moments you have for good work to reap a very good harvest.
15. Taking the action is in your hands, but the outcome is not your responsibility, therefore, to achieve the best, do the best by you can.
16. The person who forgives the others for their faults and prays for their welfare has reached the stage of greatness.
17. By worrying one gets mentally and physically weak, whereas by meditating on God, both body and mind become stable. Therefore, discard all concerns and think and meditate on God and His qualities.
18. Meditate on God and his attributes, the first thing to do on arising is to think of and thank God of His bounteousness. Repeat this many times during the during the day, and you are bound to notice the change. This effort will keep you happy and peaceful.


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