What this, You See Here Verstality of The ‘Seabin’ Cleaning

Two Australian surfers from Perth, Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski have successfully made a sea cleaning device and named it ‘Seabin’ to cleanse the harbours. They did not wait for anyone and commenced the work about eight years earlier. The manufactured device is capable of cleaning the seas within the port 24 x 7 hours and all 365 days. The sea pollution can easily be controlled once the device gets in use.

The mechanism gets utilised by attaching the gadget to the floating dock. When operated it sucks the water through its pump and retains the polluting matter plastic rubbish and floating marine debris in the seabin be it oil, plastic or other debris harmful to fish, seaweed and humans. The cleaned seawater gets pumped back to the sea.

Both of them are old buddies right from their childhood having the passion for the water sports. They are in real terms the inventors of the seabin.The idea to keep the cleans the sea water germinated eight years earlier when the repeatedly encountered the polluted harbors and coastal waters.The excellent plan to keep the seas clean swept their minds so much that they quit their jobs and worked full time to work on the sustainable project ‘Seabin.’

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According to them for any project the cost is the is the primary factor. It is for this reason; they had to keep the cost of seabin cheap and affordable having the parameter of delivering clean sea water after cleaning but reducing the workload.

They asserted that unless the attention to maintaining the sea clean gets priority now, it may get very late and the sea water will not remain safe to swim any more and dangerous for the marine life to survive. The fantastic idea to keep the seas clean around the world is timely and has drawn the attention of world ‘s governments and investors.

They worked on their project ‘Seabin’ with help from WA Seed Investors Shark Mitigation Systems to sell the product in Mallorca, Spain, a marina capital of Europe and needed to raise $50,000/- to market the device. The video uploaded on the net demonstrating the efficiency is popular and got more than 10 million hits mostly from the Europe. They could raise  $34000 within three days of the launch. That shows the popularity of the idea. 

Mr. Ceglinski reported that seabin is far more efficient than marine workers going around in boats with a bothersome net and a scoop. The operation is manual, time-consuming and tiring and limited to proper floodlights during night operations. 

So far it is ascertained that the ‘Seabin’ is capable of preventing marine pollution that increases the toxicity in the coastal waters. With more research and development bigger device would be feasible for the oceans cleanup as well. The estimates earlier were that by 2010 about 4 to 12 million tons of plastic and oil and other harmful materials got deposited on the coast of the world. Something needs to be done on a priority basis to tackle the hazard, and ‘Seabin’ is very suitable.



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