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Prevention Methods to save Micro-organism that makes you sick very often

Nobody wants to fall sick but sometimes get indisposed. At times, one falls ill due to fever or cold for blowing nose.  If we sneeze, we blame those who do not cover their mouth while sneezing. The onset of sickness is due to micro-organisms that overcome the built-in immune system.

As per the International Scientific Forum for Home Hygiene, people believe that washroom and floors contribute to this. But other places and stuff usually get overlooked.

Life Easier


We get advised not to pick up and eat foodstuff fallen on floors. The chief reason for this is the presence of disease-prone microorganisms there. Daily, before having food our hands touch some infected places, and these areas are often near to our eyes, nose or ears. By contacting such sites and getting infected by the virus or micro-organism, various diseases set in after overcoming the fight back system or the immune system of the body.


Take off shoes and slippers before entry into a house.

They are called norovirus that remains alive for many days or weeks even in dry places. If we can wipe and mop regularly the floors and surfaces with the anti-bacterial solution, then we can disinfect and control the entry of microorganism to less than half. Noroviruses embed themselves onto the surface or ground as people come into a house. Therefore, it is proper to remove the shoes outside the living quarters.


The worst of all are microbes on the mobile phones.

Often the folks place the cell phones on the dining tables, or the study tables of the children, or spot where the water jug get placed. Mobile phones are favorite sticking place for the micro-organisms to enhance the effect of infection. In a survey, it got established that 55% of the young people up to the age of 30 years are mostly habitual and prone to take the cell phones into the washroom. That is most dangerous to spread the virus of diarrhea, urinal infection, etc. It is better to stop the person doing so. Ensure that no kids or young children ever get the chance to touch such mobile phones. Clean the phones with antibacterial wipes before handing over such a phone.


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