The Internet Shoes Will Take You To The New Age

An Indian company has made shoes that will tell you the way to turn to while on a walk. It is GPS enabled and will vibrate to tells whether to turn to right or left by vibrating the shoe on that side.

These red or black colored sneakers will give info on the distance travelled, and the calories consumed during the walk or run.

‘Lechal’ ( English: Take me along) is the brand name. The manufacturer will be launching the smart shoe under this name in this month.The price of the gadget e’shoes would be approximately between $ 100 to 150 nationally or internationally.

The manufacturer Ducere Technologies has ensured that Bluetooth will be used to give the turning signal (vibration) on the left shoe for the left turn and right for the right turn. For the pioneer smart shoe, you need a smartphone with the App and GPS. You may download the map prior to the outing, and, therefore, constant internet is not required. The decision to use the gadget in the shoes frees one from the inability to see the Google map in sunlight in the smart watch.

Screen shot 2014-09-01 at 9.34.41 PMPhoto: Dainik Bhaskar

The company will be Secunderabad based. Already they have fifty employees working as per the co-founder and CEO Krispian Lawerence. The other partner is Anirudh Sharma; both did their Engineering and worked in the US.

Sharma says one may leave the house without a watch or a wristband but never without the shoes, hence the decision to use this technique in the shoes. The shoes have always been an extension of the human body.

Initially, the shoes were invented for the blinds or visually challenged. The stick tells them about any obstruction but never which way to turn. As per estimate there is a large market all over the world the largest being in India. There are about 285 million visually hampered people over the globe – such a gadget goes with the times of the internet age.

A visit to link below take you closer to the new launch.


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