What Happens When Toddlers Show Ways to be Happy


Everybody recognizes the fact that we should learn from the kids to be happy. What is the secret of this? It is answered by explaining that children remain stress-free, and consequently happy and carefree, and get sound sleep. Ensure getting snoozes a priority can lead to more satisfied toddlers and happier parents.



Why do most of the adults and not the kids remain in stress is the question to ponder? One factor that works reasonably in favour of adults is the stress gets generated because they have to work to earn money or carry out the essential jobs. The career or job or livelihood does produce pressure to a large extent. The stress for runs for consolidation of status and the fear after a limit is meaningless.

Let us compare kids with adults. Both quarrel amongst themselves. But the kids get scolded and often fail to achieve their aim. Both have their comparisons and standards to follow. Kids blossom faster and are up and moving forward. Children have desires, aspirations, and goals. But they have in their being feelings that make them smile earlier than adults.Kids forget pretty soon the past happenings and get ahead to lead the life.They live in the present.

Children treat each moment as new. They reach out for friendship fast. On getting hurt they cry pretty quickly but smile soon after wiping off their tears. They get irritated and get sad soon, and the very next moment start laughing and overlook the hurt early and get busy.

In the situations mentioned here, adults should see that they will benefit if they pick up from natural habits of toddlers to cry when they’re unhappy, giggle when kids are shouting, act shy when they are apprehensive. Whenever adults are getting their emotions out as toddlers, can save them a record of pent-up emotions. 

The elders (adults) scold them much that if the same language gets used for them, they(adults)  will feel the hurt for rest of their lives. But the kids will soon come to the lap of seniors and embrace. Even the God will not pardon so quickly as the little angels do.

Here, this is not a sermon, we all the elders deep inside know that these feelings prevailed during childhood within us. That is why we get sentimental when we remember the children with traits of being so innocent, loving and simple-hearted, we become emotional and romantic. Most of us remember all the friends of our childhood and remember the fun and naughty deeds and blunders.The bygone mischiefs of childhood always tickle you in later in life. In adulthood, the concept of taking the happenings positively is of prime importance. During the childhood days, one unknowingly learns how to keep the worries away. Is it not enough to remember that during childhood we were ever so happy? We need to remember to remain so in the grown-up stage of life.


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