Remain Sharp in Old Age with these Tips…

As we grow older by age our body starts changing a lot. Many physical, mental and biological changes take place in our body. Wrinkles, physical weakness, memory loss, loss of sight, hearing problem, low or high blood pressure, indigestion etc are the common problem which can be seen in older people. At this time what they need is time and love from their family members and society.

As our physical health gets affected by aging our mental health is also affected by it. As for whole of our life memory gets most of the attention so aging affects mental ability which is known as executive function.

Our mental health affects our total health. Even if we are physical weak but mentally strong our body can fight with diseases and other biological changes but as soon as our mental health begins going down we even loose our physical ability and health in most of the cases.

There are lots of things which can be done in order to maintain executive function i.e. mental health. Sleepless night and high blood pressure can affect executive function at a high rate so try to keep check on these habits and live a healthy life.

These are some tips for maintaining memory and executive function which might help you:

Pay attention to things and information around you

This is a primary step in order to keep your memory working at good pace. Keep reminding yourself about your aim and goals of the day. It is seen that new information doesn’t get into your memory easily when you start aging.

Say it out loud before you start

When you say it out loud as it makes you confident whenever you start anything new. Like this you will pay attention to what you are doing.

Change your habits for something

Apply these habits and changes in your life. Put keys and other personal items in the same place in order to avoid worries of not finding them on time at right place.

Hope these small but important points will help you in staying sharp while aging.


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