How to Remarkably Retain Your Fascinating Youth?

  • Keep away the useless numbers such as age, weight, and height. Let the doctor worry about them because you are paying him for that,
  • Keep friendship with those who are jovial and joyous. The stubborn, irritable people should be avoided because they lower the moral of all those around.
  • Keep learning something new like craft, gardening, the radio, do not let the brain remain idle or inactive because we know that an empty mind is like a devil and called Alzheimer’s mental disease.
  • Live in the present, no need to think or plans too far ahead for years. Do not brood over the past. See how children live from moment to moment,  copy their attitude towards day to day living.
  •  Enjoy simple and ordinary things and items of life like children growing, crowd passing the street, changes i the pants in your backyard or pots you may have in the house, sunrise, sunset, winds blowing, watch the stars in the sky.
  • Laugh a lot for extended periods in a loud voice. It stimulates your blood circulation and thinking and attracts others to enjoy good vibrations.
  • Let the tears flow, cry and feel the sorrow and get ahead. There is only one person who lives with you always, and that is you till the life continues, remain alive.
  • Keep around you anything that is dear to you that maybe your family, pet, photos, videos, paintings, memento-presents, music, plants, keep your hobbies, your (smart) mobile, your home is your refuge and resort. Beautify it now and then.
  • Tend to your health, maintain it if it is all right by exercise and healthy food if unsteady health,  get help to reform if needed get appropriate medical help.
  • Don’t fall into a guilty conscious milieu, if you want to some light entertainment then visit a mall, a concert, a theatre or a movie. Tour a neighbouring state, but never go to a place where you feel dispised.
  • Visit your close relations, friends, and neighbours on a regular basis.
  • If you love someone tell them on each occasion that you like and love him or her. Remember that life is not marked by the breath one takes both in and out,   but by the time that takes away your breath.
  • Get involved in social causes to reform the society or a beautiful.
  • Exercise regularly to your capability; Walking is the best exercise and remains the easiest. Think and follow if suitable any of the suggested exercises. The four principal types of physical activity are 1)aerobic, 2)  muscle-strength,  3)bone-strengthening, and  4) stretching
  • Equality for those around you, and if you practice and follow that all are equal then never differentiate between the folks that come in contact with you.
  • It does not matter as to who we are, or what we are or where we live. Yes, we need to live each day happily, wholly and correctly.’
  • The span of life does not mean if we have experience in a perfect state, that our body is safe and sound. We do not need to reach the cremation ground, sliding in a messy or horizontally way. It will be a high point at your last rites if others, exclaim –  what a beautiful journey!

Tips underneath ill make you a Jolly person and additionally show you ways to retain your fascinating youth.

1. Remain in High spirits: 

While in a conversation you should be able to pull off a joke during the middle of a conversation. That’s how you will be liked by others that they will feel that you are jolly and fun to be with you. People laughing at your silly jokes will make you confident and remain in high spirits, and you need to make them laugh.

2. Think of the brighter side always 

Look for the happier angle in each situation; people will undoubtedly gravitate towards you. It is rather difficult to focus on the better side of any subject, but persistence will draw people to you. The positive influence makes people happier, and they will get attracted to you.  Negative thinking persons repel people around them whereas positive vibrations by you will draw them to you because they feel that their days get happier with the positive person.


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