Viral Stories of Strangers’ Comic, Motivational Writer & Stolen Video Game Recovered

Life of Strangers in the city appearing in a digital comic by Damix


Image source: Dainik Bhaskar

Damix prepares Digital comics for the internet for YouTube. It has recently shown in its new video about the difficulties faced by strangers arriving in the unfamiliar cities. It has depicted what sort of problems have to be confronted by any person or a family in another town.

For these people, the essential requirement is the home that must be located near their workplace. Watching the video one can come to know that the couples want as far as possible their homes located near greenery. They take the help from companies like Airbnb and such companies that help in getting homes. Another thing is that men remain alert that their families live in safe and secure environments. They want to ensure that all members of the family do not face any difficulty in their transportation. On the whole, the video got prepared with the theme of day to day living. With the help of digital comic, the video got released with much beauty and vibrant character of the actors.

The video got more than 1.827million views and 118000 likes. This video is at #4 on the trending.

American Motivational Writer’s Video gone Viral:

This video is much-discussed on Facebook under the page of Golcast. In this motivational writer, Dima Ghawi tells that how she was forced and compelled to marry at the age of 18 and brought to the USA.   She was brought to San Diego from Amman(Jordan).

Dima was not allowed to talk to others and not authorized to speak to her parents even for 20 minutes a week. She felt that her life was like a glass bouquet that would break at any time. She felt so scared that everything had come to an end. At last, one day she packed her baggage and left the place. Her own family refused to accept her. Her Father even attempted to decimate her.

Then, she searched for a job and got many proposals. One of the offers was from IBM asking for joining in a programe on Leadership Development. Today she not only empowering women but also preparing new leaders.

Over 1.9 million viewed the video and over 13800 people shared this post

Police bought and gifted the stolen video Game:

An American student from Hillsborough County, of Florida State, played his video game at his home. The next morning he noticed that somebody had stolen his video game. He told this to his Father, who reported it to the local Sheriff (police Ofice).

The Police officer assured the boy that they will find out the person who stole it. But the student was saddened. At that moment another Police officer arrived, he had with him the boy’s the well-liked Videogame. He presented it to him. The student was delighted. He thanked all the Polie Officers present there. One of the Officers gave him the departmental Tee shirt. The post was uploaded to the net and became very popular within a few hours. Most of the readers appreciated the Police officers and wrote that the police officer had helped the student.

125151 Trending point and with  85% upvoting this reached at # 5 from the top.


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