Psychology of Laughter

Do you know why the painting of Monalisa is famous? It is because, she, has a natural smile. A natural smile is infectious and usually makes others smile.

The psychologists believe that good intentional laughter draw people closer.

images (17)Laughter is believed to be the beneficial motivator. For the pure in heart, harmonious and good intentional laughter propels the personality and builds up the self confidence in one and all. The psychologists believe that the laughter test very easily, the changes in one’s perspective of life and character, the views on life and unique behavioral change taking place. According to them the artificial laughter can be detected in the eyes easily when there are no feelings. Whereas the humor in eyes clearly be seen when laughter is genuine and meaningful. One laughs when one is happy.


Researches have shown that laughter explains the state of health.


images (18)

1) How long will the marriage last?
According to studies in Motivational and Emotional Journal it was found that people who laughed in their school and college days were able to have a lasting marriage whereas 25% people who laughed less had their marriage unstable and didn’s last long.

2) How much will you earn?
Proceeding of National Acadamy of Sciences showed in a study that those who laughed in their younger days were earning 10 % higher than others.

3) How powerful are you?
A study of the Personality and Special Psychology says that those who during their meetings laugh and joke are liked and are considered to be powerful.

4) What kind of fighter are you?
In a study of Martial Arts Fighters, it was found that the fighters who laugh prior to the fight are considered as less aggressive and likely to lose.



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