Benefits of Wheat Grass Juice – I

There are too many benefits of regular intake of Wheat Grass Juice( WGJ) claimed by Naturopaths. It is not so uncommon t0 see people plucking these needle like grass in gardens. No clinical trials reported.

1 . Wheat grass juice( WGJ) purifies the blood.

2 . Apply WGJ to the scalp, rinse and shampoo to get good results.

3 . Use the WGJ for vaginal infection.
4 . Apply and prevent Tooth decays.
5 . Gargle with WGJ for toothaches and sore throat.


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6 . Pyorrhea of the teeth and gums can be controlled by chewing the soaked wheat grass leaves in the WGJ and after some minutes the pulp to be thrown out.
7 . Skin problems get cured by regular consumption of WGJ.
8. WGJ maybe used as a sterilizer.
9 . WGJ keeps the hair from greying.
10. Use WGJ as a source of fresh vitamins.
11. Injury to skin on burning can be treated with WGJ
12. On regular consumption of juice, the difference can be felt for the enhanced sense of well being, health and spirituality and general immunity.
13. WGJ is said build a clean blood stream and aid in proper digestion.
14. WGJ is a very good mouthwash and frees the gums and teeth of toxins.
15. Regular intake of WGJ is a general remedy for all blood disorders.
16. WJS is a skin cleanser. Take warm water tub bath with the WJS sprinkled in a tub for skin toning. The skin absorbs nutrition through WJS.
17. Taking the enema with 125 mL of WJS will detoxify the colon walls. The WLS is said to heal the internal organs if the juice is retained for 20 minutes
18. WJS keeps excellent in keeping the bowls free as it cleans out harmful bacteria.

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