Most Difficult Task Of The World And Topics Hot On The Web


Most Difficult task of the world:

This post is popular as “world’ toughest job”. Person issues this unoriginal ad and response are fantastically original interviews. The purpose of the video is that the Mother has endless responsibilities without a break .. so why not send a greeting card on the mother’s day.

Nearly everyone realizes some day Mom’s job is the most demanding.

On 14th April this video was uploaded and received 42.6million view within three days,

Rupert Murdoch wearing virtual reality headset Oculus Rift :

News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch is wearing virtual reality headset Oculus Rift to get a feel of the set. He tried out it in Game of thrones at the Framestore in New York. The impression on wearing the set amounts to “not getting deceived”. His photo on the net has drawn many comments. This snap was published in ‘Tumblr”and since then Oculus Rift is very much in the news. Oculus VR was taken over by Facebook for $ 2 billion recently.


First Instagram Selfie in Space:

Astronaut Steven Swanson became the first Instagram pick to upload the selfie. In this photo it is written in the caption “Back on ISS, life is good”. Earlier to this in 2010 spaceman AstronautTimothy Cremer was the first to Twit.

Screen shot 2014-04-21 at 6.10.56 AM

Lioness is protecting the suckling Baboon.

Photographer Evan Schiller took a snap in Botswana, photo has an equally gripping story of a lioness protecting the newborn Baboon sticking to its chest wanting to suckle lioness’. The baby baboon was unaware that her mother was no more. It was a kill for the Lioness. The touching part was when the lioness protected the new born from others.






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