Yogic treatment of Gout or Arthritis


Those suffering from gout and arthritis have constipation in general.Daily give hot and cold packs on the stomach for twenty minutes followed by clay placed on the stomach for another twenty minutes. Follow it with anyone of the natural method of hot and cold bath, steam bath, tub or jacuzzi bath, wet sheet wrap or full immersion tub bath. An enema be given after drinking 1.5 liters of weak lemon water.

The pain can be substantially reduced by giving sun bath between 7-9 AM. Restore normal blood circulation by rubbing a rough cloth on the whole body. Movement of the knee joint at various angles 20 times each will certainly reduce the pain.

Director of National Arthritis Foundation Atlanta, Dr. Fred Makduffi tells the patients that the exercise will :

1) keep joints free, and blood circulation proper.

2) The muscles and ligaments are strengthened

3) Heart and blood vessels are getting stronger through the blood circulation.

Following asana are to be practiced. Do not exceed your limits and do asan which are easy – no pain or strain is allowed – for  the  treatment of gout, do 1) Market asan 2) Cycling asan and other asanas in a yogic routine only. A link is provided to watch the yoga asans by Swami Ramdev.

Diet: on arising: one lemon in tepid water – 1 glass. take 4 raw garlic cloves Complete your exercise.

0630: 50 grams of soaked Fenugreek water

0930: Take a carrot or seasonal 250 Ml juice.

1100: Take 2 chapati (Muffin) + boiled vegetables+ sprouted Methi (sprouted fenugreek seeds or other grain.

1630: Lemon+ water + honey.

1800: Seasonal Fruit, + More fruit + sprouted grain 50 grams.

Precautions: Prohibition: Tea, Coffee, sugar, chilly, spice, sprouted pulses, confectionery and synthetic items.

1) Repeat above diet for five days. Cod liver oil with lemon juice is giving good results. ( Day 1-5)

2) For next five days take fruit. Days 6 to 10

3) For the next 5 days only juices. Days 11 to 15

4) Next 5 days take Lemon+ Water + Honey. Days 16 to 20

5) Next 5 days fast with only water. Days 21- 25

6) Next 5 days repeat only juice + fruit + boiled vegetables every hour ( Days 26-30). After taking boiled Vegetable for 3 days add one Muffin( Chapati) and later add another muffin. Keep this diet for a year.

Commence treatment in a Yogic medical centre to know the process and steps of treatment. This treatment is acclimatizing to a new system gradually.
Follow, early to bed and early to rise to remain healthy.

Maintain diet for the whole year to keep free of gout and arthritis.




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