Web Hot: July 2nd, 2014: Many Americans Are Scared Of Air Attack 2) Conjoined Twins Celebrate Eighteenth Birthday

Recently,  a United Airliner, en route to Los Angles, South California was force land in Wichita, Kansas.

One of the parachutes opened unexpectedly. The passengers became fearful and tense and pressed the emergency button. There were 191 passengers aboard the flight. They thought that it was an attack. The psychologists believe that after 2001 people are rather over cautious. Many people had lost their dear ones then; therefore, and they had overreacted.


Conjoined Twins Celebrate Eighteenth Birthday: Dr. Kevin Lally of Houston had operated Emily and Caitlin Copeland conjoined twins( sisters) with a conjoint liver, have an unusual and uncommon real story to share. They both are so amiable and lucky. They had a single, and conjoint liver at the birth, happening in one out of 200000 case.

Screen shot 2014-07-02 at 10.00.27 AMPhoto: Dainik Bhaskar

After 19 months of their birth, Dr. Kevin Lally took the risk of separating them successfully. They are 18 years old. They celebrated a birthday with the doctor. They have graduated together.
They consider, it is rare to be so lucky and hard to believe that some doctors are so human and real. 18th birthday is special, and due to the blessings of God and Parents we are enabled to see this day. Cristal, their Mom says that she remembers the day when she came to know that she will have twins. In 1996 era, the modern medical facilities were not so advanced in the surgery of today.

Both the sisters look a like and have joined different Universities to pursue their careers. This will be their first time when they will live separately.



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