5 Moves, 15 Minutes, 1 Fit Body

Even after sending hours and hours in gym still you are not getting the desired results, now here is a checked formula for you t get the desired body with this plan of exercise which you have to do only three or four times a week. These tricks are both effective and brief. You should train to fatigue which means you do an exercise until you can not crank out another repeat. This works for the muscles to their limits and delivering the best results. No matter how busy you are but do put these strategies to the test with this plan.

Right Pose will Prevent Injuries

Yoga is a very safe exercise with its low-impact movements and its likely that it comes with low- risk guarantee, still people are getting injured and land themselves in ER’s or annually in doctors’ offices. Its basically because if you do any exercise incorrectly, it will lead you to hurt yourself.

Here are tips for perfecting the three most common poses without any pain and getting the best outcome for all the hard work done. It will help in toning your body without hurting yourself.

Treating chronic and low back pain

Treating chronic and low back pain, through Yoga. The world over it is known Yoga has answer without any kind of medicines for low back pain and any other back pain. For this use the following three postures. “Markat assan” 1,2 & 3. These should be practiced daily to remain free of back pain but to one’s […]

Beneficial Yoga Poses for the Morning

According to the ancient yogis, the early hours of the morning are a sacred time of day. In those hours, the earth’s energy is full of possibility for the coming day. An early morning yoga practice is said to help harness that energy.

Rocking Yoga Inspirations…

Yoga (2)

Yoga is the Hindu practice of physical, mental, and spiritual discipline, originating in ancient India.Yoga is basically a form of exercise that people take up so as to stay fit and healthy. Yoga is a form of meditation too. Yoga helps you staying physically as well as mentally fit. Yoga can be practiced in the […]

Importance of Yoga in World’s Growth

Yoga has the means to evolve a way of living by the means of unmatched sacrifice, dedication, devotion, enlightenment, effective writings and many things to help us achieve the highest success in our life.

Scientific Research on Yoga By Baba Ramdev

Yoga is an age-old cultural & spiritual heritage of India. Many sages & seers have contributed to this field of knowledge and science over ages. They found the means for attaining Nirvana from samadhi ( Trance).With this they developed a system for keeping people healthy & disease free through various practices in the form of pranayams, mudras, […]

Mantra Meditation

WHAT IT IS Mantra meditation involves silently repeating a sound to help quieten the mind. Although there is no direct translation of the Sanskrit word mantra(the syllable man means “to think”), Richard Rosen, a Yoga Journal contributing editor, the author of many yoga books, and the director of Piedmont Yoga in Oakland, California, thinks of […]