How Scientific Study Of Pranayama Can Help Improve Health.


For anyone practicing pranayama it is essential to know: – The correct method – A contraindication is a specific situation in which a procedure,  should not be used because it may be harmful to the person. – The benefits Mindfully, we will monitor the effect of the yoga on: a) Physical changes b) How the yoga […]

Yoga Photo that broke the Internet

Scientist Taro Smith marine conservationist, underwater photographer and Amy Ippoliti, Yoga therapist, worked to get the shot below. It got captured when the copartner Amy was descending in water in the Yogic lotus posture. At that time, the 680 kilos ‘ Menta Ray swam passed her. Amy says,” Without sharks, the balance of the ocean’s […]

Yoga can Cure Pain.

Everybody knows what ache or suffering is. Every one of us, in different phases of life, suffered from physical pain. Many times infants suffer from stomach pain, or when they play, they get injured. They, even experience pain in their adult life from many instances.

Benefits of Anulom-Vilom Pranayama ( Alternate Nostril Breathing )

benefits of anulom vilom

Most of the people know the term Anulom – Vilom pranayama, but only a few know of the scientific way of practicing it. This pranayama is practiced without stoppage of the breath. The thumb and the ring fingers are used alternately on the right and left nostrils. The regular practice of twenty minutes of anulom […]

Yogic treatment of Gout or Arthritis


Those suffering from gout and arthritis have constipation in general.Daily give hot and cold packs on the stomach for twenty minutes followed by clay placed on the stomach for another twenty minutes. Follow it with anyone of the natural method of hot and cold bath, steam bath, tub or jacuzzi bath, wet sheet wrap or […]

Science of Pranayam – With Demontration

Pranayam is breathing rhythmically with the aim of getting the maximum of energy from the immediate surrounding. Minimal muscular activity can give all the benefits.

Follow Yoga, Follow Better Life

Follow Yoga, Follow Better Life

The word Yoga has ruled the world for a long time by now. What is Yoga?  Yoga is simply an alternatively form of exercise. This exercise works on the body, mind and above all the soul of the person doing this. A complete set of a yoga program is typically consisting of, mind control (meditation), […]

Workout Clothing for Spring

Workout Clothing for Spring (4)

Gym is the place to give your body a fit and fine shape. The workout you do at the gym is completely a hard work done by your body and nothing to do with the clothing and all other apparels. But lighter colored clothing could refresh you to the most achievable level.