German Airship Hindenburg’s Blast Was Thought To Be An Attack

The famed German passenger Airship “LZ 129 Hindenburg” had an accident and exploded on Thursday,06 May 1937. The airship was about to dock with its mooring mast at the Lakehurst Air Station near New Jersey when it caught fire. At that time, there were 36 passengers and 61 crew members on board. The loss of […]

Sex Sculptures In Ancient Indian Temples !!

Ancient Indian

Would you believe that ancient Indian society left us a wonderful gift of sex sculptures in such prominent places like in temples?? Love and lust are nature’s way of giving us sex education. To put in more formal way; with the development of human thought  and intellect Indians constructed temples as centers of excellence  to […]

Academy Award 2013 Winner ’12 Years a Slave’

12 Years a Slave

2013 gave us the three academy awards winning film directed by the first black Director Steve McQueen ” 12 Years a Slave .”  It depicts the American history’s touching true story impresses one and all. Based on times of slavery in the pre-civil war in America and how incredible is invincible spirit of man can win […]

Festival of Colours -Holi

India has a major festival at the end of winters called HOLI. The modern equivalent it is as Love Celebration for  all. As all festivals signify the Victory of Good over Evil  – it may take time to prove that ultimately Good has to prevail over evil. It may be understood by saying it is […]

Arms From Earlier Centuries.

As was convenient the past kings and emperors were influenced by making politically motivated marriages to increase their hold on as much land as was possible.

Qasr Al Haj: An Ancient Bank Vault in Libya

When the people of northern Libyan provinces felt the need of a resting and a meeting point for the pilgrims in their way to the coastal cities they came out with an idea for a place called  Qaser al-H’aj (The Pilgrim’s Castle).  

Return of Titanic II – Replica

Everybody who knows about the Titanic dreams and thinks to be  a part of this massive vessel.It replica Titanic II is being built by China. The preliminaries are  about to be completed. The vessel will be constructed in the Zinling shipyard of Nanjing, China. The builder and Owner an Australian Clive Palmer is a business […]


An abandoned city called Pripyat abandoned in Ukraine. The city of Pripyat had to be abandoned immediately on the nearby Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986. The radiation caused so much that it will not be reentered for infinite years.The city is at mercy of the nature.   Abandoned Railway Bridge in Taiwan See the fate of the […]

Soldier Who Refused To Give Nazi Salute

August Landmesser in 1931, hoping it would help him get a job, joined the Nazi Party. In 1935, he was engaged to Irma Eckler (a Jewish woman). It was daring that August Landmesser (born May 24, 1910); loved and married refused to perform the Nazi salute at the launch of the naval training vessel Horst Wessel on […]