German Airship Hindenburg’s Blast Was Thought To Be An Attack

The famed German passenger Airship “LZ 129 Hindenburg” had an accident and exploded on Thursday,06 May 1937. The airship was about to dock with its mooring mast at the Lakehurst Air Station near New Jersey when it caught fire. At that time, there were 36 passengers and 61 crew members on board. The loss of lives on board were placed at 35 additionally one ground man was also killed. There were lots of rumors both in Germany and America about the mishap. There was no hint or any talk of an attack or sabotage. However, some believed that Germany had attacked the technical interests of the USA.

The accident was widely covered with the press and details were broadcast all over the world the next day. The public confidence on the airship mode of transport nosedived, and the airship worldwide business came to a standstill since then.

In an enquiry, it was established that the fire was due a technical fault of fuel leakage from the engine. Photo sharing website IMGUR has shared this photo on the net. In the photo, the fire portion of the air was colored in their release. Destruction of Hindenburg was big a loss to the Owners of the company. As the airship was launched in the same year. It was chartered for two years between Europe, Brazil and the USA.


All in all, the tragedy was shocking both in human terms and business terms that all was lost within days as far as airships were concerned. A radio station called WLS in Chicago gave detailed reports in newsreel and eyewitness famous report of correspondent Herbert Morrison.


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