Reasons to Get a Walk-In Tub


Does it ever feel dangerous and daunting to get into your shower or bathtub? If it doesn’t already, it might feel that way someday. Tubs and showers are hot spots for dangerous slip-and-fall injuries. They can be inaccessible to people with certain disabilities and — in some cases — less than optimal for our physical […]

The Spectacle of Ayodhya that Gave Diwali to the World.

Dainik Bhaskar

A new era commenced on the 19th October 2017, on the Diwali – the festival of lights in Ayodhya, India.There was a significant turn over of visitors from the South of India.  Approximately ten thousand Hindu temples got decorated in the city. It was as if the whole of Diwali celebration of India condensed in […]

Wow, New Bullets Can Sprout Plants to Make Environments Safer


The US Army is about to commence filling their ammunition depots with plastic bullets containing plant seeds to be used for training (shooting) ranges. On firing, the bullets will mix with the earth where they fall and sprout to become plants after a few months.

In the world You See Something Surprising and Add to Your Knowledge.

Surprizing First childbirth aboard the largest cruise liner Queen Mary 2 Ocean liner Queen Mary 2 is again in a welcome news that was surprising. During its voyage,  there was the first ever childbirth aboard, before its arrival in Brooklyn, Newyork on Sunday on the January 17th, 2016. It was the first ever delivery while […]