See How to Make Health Better by Laughter-2


Laughter makes body’s all organs robust and fit. The breathing system improves, oxygen intake increases significantly, and the foul air gets completely expelled. Due to laughter, the nervous regime of the body becomes more aware. You must have observed that the laughing kids compared to others are fitter and more active.

Master The Skills of Learning To Laugh and Be Successful.

Life always throws up more problems & challenges than solutions. It does not mean that one should not laugh. Joy Boot Camp is an organization that has volunteers who teach people to laugh and be joyful in the US. The corporate world is getting interested and let the employees know that it is essential for […]

Everything You Need To Know About Laughter Yoga-Need Of Today.

Laughter Yoga

If we start to eat half, drink double the water, begin to put efforts in your work three times and start laughing four times than at present. Your entire experience is bound to change. Plenty of energies unlock, and your life is full of more happiness, wellness and benefits by remaining in a good mood. Seventy […]

Healthful Living with 31Practical Tips

Healthful Living

Good health tips 1) Drink 3 litres of water daily. 2) Eat morning meal like a king, lunch like a prince & dinner like a beggar. 3) Live with the 3 E’s–Energy, Enthusiasm & Empathy. 4) Take the time to pray. 5) Spend more time for games. Go through more books than you did in […]

Psychology of Laughter

Do you know why the painting of Monalisa is famous? It is because, she, has a natural smile. A natural smile is infectious and usually makes others smile.