Five Years Old Breanna Youn is a Internet Celebrity

Breanna Youn

Breanna Youn, 5, lives in an ordinary flat, in Tacna, nobody ever knew about her. She is an internet celebrity today. Her mother posted her on Facebook for years and six months ago put her on Instagram. She started gaining fans mainly from Far east and right across to Persian Gulf.

Breanna has an Instagram account and has got over a 1.1 million fans. The internet world knows her for her stylish behavior and cuteness.

She receives products as gifts from fashion brands Channel, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany. At the moment, Breanna lives in a five-star hotel in Dubai and moves around in a Limousine driven by a driver. She gets all these facilities free, paid by her fans mainly from the middle east. They keep sending such gifts to her.

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Photo Credit: Dainik Bhaskar


Photos: Instagram, Facebook

Breanna’s Mother writes:

I am unable to understand why people like her so much. She does not have any talent or charisma. Yes, she can dance well, and smiles while facing the camera. I know that she is so sweet and cute. If we are in a restaurant, people just hug, kiss her and shower their love, outpouring, we are unable to tell them not to.

Her Father says:
My family is not used to live in a hi-fi style. We get worried, what will happen to her future when Bryana grows up? If her video does not get uploaded within three to four days, we start getting thousands of Emails asking whether she is ok or not. The fans keep enquiring about her welfare?


Photos: Instagram, Facebookb3

Photos: Instagram, Facebook

Reports mention, Breanna Youn, is a “Han Fei” half-breed, her father is in South Korean while her mother is Filipino Jocelyn Youn. She has a 7-year-old brother.

Bree Anna was invited to join a game show and went from Bahrain to Indonesia since May 2014. Yoons are on a first family trip to Dubai at the invitation of fans of Bree Anna. And from that day to go out on the weekends, as originally planned. Became a permanent resident.

According to the “Daily Mail,” of London, Breanna Youn is now a network star. Her fans almost daily send different gifts. On an average 60,000 fans increase every day.

Below, we have links to see her diferently.



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