What is a Life Coach

life coach

Are you among those, whom every known person prefers reaching for counseling and advice. If you are capable of influencing people, bring positivity in their life, make them realize their inner quality and motivate them to reach goals, you can choose to become a professional life coach.

Where most of the people choose to engineer, medical or management as a career, being a life coach sounds little different but exciting. Read this article “What is a life coach” to get into the details.

What is a life coach

life coach

A life coach is that person who is employed to help people in attaining their life goals. He/she assists their client to overcome fear and doubts.

What is the job of a life coach?

Speaking in simple terms life coaching is an excellent relationship between two people, a client and a coach. There are also instances where a life coach works in a group. Their main aim is to bring favorable changes in client’s life. They help their client to set a meaningful goal and support the client to get up from where they are to reach where they want to. A coach cares, listens and continually motivates. He stretches the client out of their comfort zone and prompts them to take the risk.

Some of the strategies life coach follow are:

  • Removing ‘I cant’ phrase form clients dictionary
  • Making realization what is vital to business as well as life.
  • Help to set goal and look forward to achieving
  • Dissociating clients from the stories they tell themselves to refrain from taking risks.
  • Creating an attitude and empowering beliefs.

In short, a life coach listens to you, ask questions to know and set your goals, challenge you to motivate and achieve, bring transformation in you and reflect.

Let me also clarify the point that a life coach is very different from a counselor or therapist. A counselor or therapist uses client’s past to come a to a solution of an existing problem. But a coach never talks about history. He starts with the present to build to your future.

You may find a life coach little similar to a mentor, but their fundamentals are different. A mentor is more like a teacher who is experienced in some particular area whereas a coach is a guide.

How much a life coach earns

A  life coach makes around $100 – $600  per hour depending on experience, skill and whom they coach

How to become a life coach

Life coaching is a growing field, and if you want to be a part of it, you will have to complete coach specific training that shall meet standards of ICF.  You also required achieving designated hours of coaching experience and partner with a mentor coach. You need to demonstrate appropriate understanding and mastery of the definition of a life coach by IFC, Core Competencies, and Code of Ethics.

To become a professional life coach search for coach training programs. Better chose IFC accredited training school. Next step is to determine your specialty. You also need to be prepared financially and then go ahead.


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