Rene Koiter-A Fan -Transforms Himself to Khal Drogo

29 years old Rene Koiter is a fan of Khal Drogo of TV serial ‘Game of drone’. He exercised tirelessly for ten months and transformed himself with a body and look like Khal Drogo. After the change he has become an instant success for the millions of viewers through U-TUBE. He is not recognizable due to the change he has undergone.

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His employers conducts an annual Halloween function in which the creative employees are encouraged to show their acquired skills on stage. His transformation was was for this show. He said  that he liked Khal Drogo. Not only the body but also his ways and means, the behavior and also the looks. He wanted to transform himself like the Khal. To get this look he hired a team of eight experts – the costume designer, make up man, they all helped him to look like the Khal Drogo. To get the muscular body he worked for whole days. To get the dark tan he drove bike for hours in California sun. He quit taking Sugar and carbohydrates and consumed only fruits and vegetables.

His video became an instant hit because of U-Tube and was clicked with a quarter of million of hits. He says that he did all this to entertain his colleagues in the Company. He could never know that a viral will go all over and so fast. He was flung with many offers, women proposed online to marry. He admitted it was hard to mould into the Drogo’s character. Without the team’s dedicated members it was not possible to transform properly. To behave, mimic and act like Dothraki it was uphill task.

 ‘I spent months growing out my hair for extensions, pumping iron like a mad man and then mimicking his Dothraki speech and mannerisms. For his next project, Rene is considering transforming into another Game of Thrones’ character, Jon Snow played by Kit Harington in the series. Only hope that this character is as interesting as the first one.

The new series of Game of Thrones airs on 6 April 2014 and a 15-minute trailer is also doing the commercials now. 


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