Women’s Garage Mechanics Workshop in Paris

An auto garage in Paris ‘Only Girls’ Mechanics is gaining popularity and is in headlines in Paris, France. Only women workers work here.

This garage is a good for those women who are tired of men workers’ attitude. This concept is liked by those people who know that women understand each other in a better way. Usually those women are bothered wherever the male technicians won’t take women seriously. Here women feel comfortable with female mechanics.
In the interiors of this place they have wooden floors, beautiful wallpapers, attractive candles.blinking. There is a touch of class in the homely look and comfort. There is a beauty corner where women can prepare to be presentable in the saloon. The garage is so successful that even men have started to patronize it.

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Photograph: Dainilk Bhaskar

The garage, in the suburb of Saint-Ouen-l’Aumone, is doing hell of a business. Here all-female services as mechanics are offered for the autos plus the added facility of a beauty parlor. Here they give massages and also teach about mechanics. No more male domination in another area.

‘Only Girls’ has been offering services that women don’t feel overwhelmed by the male dominance beneath the bonnet.

There are reasons why such a garage is coming, first the number of cars have increased and so are the women drivers, second, people always look for a change and if you find where convenience is also added, there will be takers. Third, most of the tougher jobs requiring strength are not there anymore, mechanical means are available to complete.


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