Gold Version Of iPhone-6 is Coming

The great news: over 4 million phones pre booked right on the launching of the iPhone-6 iPhone-6 plus on the first day itself. The market analysts predict

that over 100 million will sell before the year 2014 closes. That will make iPhone and iPhone plus, the highest selling smartphones so far. The iPhone-6 and iPhone-6 plus can be purchased through the network and also the network provider. The open market is also offering these phone readily for booking.

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Nobody knows when they will get a piece. London’s luxury designer Alexander Amosu will make 18 Carat gold version of the iPhone-6 embedding 6127 beautiful and small sized cut diamonds.

The reverse side of the phone the logo is to be placed made of cut gold design. Thre stylish model named ‘ Amosu Call Of Diamond iPhone-6’ The phone will be distributed two months after the launch of the set. The number of this designer phones is undecided so far.

Earlier to this Amosu had declared to make this iPhone 6 in gold version in the range of $ 3900 without diamonds. On customer’s demand, the name will be written in gold on the back.

Earlier to this Amosu had made iPhone-2 version in gold. He sold that phone for $ 131500 and Blackberry Gold in $ 165700. These handsets were the most expensive at that time.

Snoop dog and Lilian Allen are on the list of his client list. They are in the queue for the Android and Blackberry handsets of the gold version.

Besides, the most expensive suit $ 110,000), and Champaign (1.75 million) were recorded in the Guinness book of records.


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