Web Variety : 1) Viral Letter-Employee’s Letter to the Owner. 2) Volcanic Activity

1. A letter that went Viral

A former employee’s letter went viral. Dairy Queen Ice cream restaurant is famous in Ontario; Canada.  Dr. Nabiha Islam worked here in earlier times. She wrote a letter to her former employer and boss Yvonne Lavasidis’ Dairy Queen in Ontario, Canada.

She thanked her for the splendid cooperation she received during the college days spent there. Yvonne was jubilant on receiving this letter as Nabiha had graduated to be a doctor and that she remembered her. Yvonne uploaded this letter on her Facebook page. The letter had the note, ” Dear Yvonne, after a long period I have become a doctor. I remember those days spent at Dairy Queen. I am familiar with your attitude of kindness and goodness. You are an incredible boss and a real good human being.
She expressed her gratitude for all the attention and care during her stint of work.

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Photo: http://www.liftbump.com/2014/09/21806

Nabiha made a sign of ice cream and signed in the end. Yvonne wrote Nabiha is a beautiful person, uncommon, exceptional and an intelligent. She knew that one day she will be successful. Yvonne completed her remarks by writing that sometimes you don’t know that someone can get impressed and influenced by you.

2. Active Volcano in Eastern Caribbean even after 19 years of eruption 

The volcano of Soufriere Hills is still active even after 19 years of the eruption, on the island of Montserrat, in eastern Caribbean.(Last eruption commenced in July 1995). The surrounding area had to be evacuated then.


Photo: Wikipedia

The explosion’s fall out resumed on 26th June 1997 with much of the flows and lava coupled with ash and rocks like concrete.By 12 July 1997, pyroclastic flows had burned much of what had not already been covered in ash.It had taken lives of 19 people. The capital city of Plymouth and 20 towns got damaged and since then the volcano keeps throwing out something or the other.

It was noticed on 21st February this year by the pilot Captain Eric Moody when flying to nearby destination of St. Lucia. He had announced to the passengers to view the mushroom cloud rising over island of Montserrat.  The flights in the area were held up for the ash to settle before the ash could damage any of the aircrafts.


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