Happy View of Life Depends On Your Attitude


Happy View of Life

If I do better than other, what difference does it make….!
If I do better for others, makes a lot of difference….!

Here is an illustration:

A convoy on a long journey was traveling through the dark tunnel. When some people got pricked in their feet, they picked up the pebbles. They secured them to throw them when out of the tunnel, with the idea of saving others that others should not get hurt. Some of them had picked up more stones than the others. Some did not bother.

When they were out of the tunnel and in the light, they noticed that these stones were diamonds and not pebbles. Those who had picked up fewer precious stones got disheartened, and those who did not pick up any, regretted much as to why they did not pick up at all.

In our world, the life is an example of a dark tunnel. The pebbles represent righteousness. Whosoever did good for others receive the diamonds ( good helpful company and friends), and whosoever misses and never works for others selflessly will regret his misdoings.

Paradoxes in Life. 

Life is full of paradoxes. For example: Sometimes you get dissatisfied with your life, become frustrated and upset, while, at the same time, some people in the world dream to lead a life like you.

A Child at home on the farm stands looks at the aircraft and dreams about piloting it. The airplane’s pilot dreams of returning home to stay at home with the near and dear ones.

If having money, makes you happy then the rich people should rejoice and dance in the streets. But in reality only poor children are seen doing this openly.

When power comes to the politicians, they should move without security covers. They should not receive life threats and feel restless. But those who lead ordinary life sleep in peace.

If being beautiful and famous can establish a healthy relationship then
Celebrities’ marriage would be most successful, which is not the case.
Live a normal life …, Walk without an attitude …..Honestly Love one another.
It is best to enjoy the life to be happy in whichever way you live because you will not get this life again.



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