Dialogue Is The Key For Happy Married Life

Happy Married Life

Often, we have had such dialogues, exchanged with our partner.”I have nothing to do with it. Do not disturb or drag me into this. Be on your own”. 

These transactions indicate that we do not have to bother with other’s troubles and do not have anything to do. Such relations may be Ok between two individuals. How many troubles will you take in your life for others ?? But, it will be unethical for such an exchange between a husband and a wife. Many life partners go through such dialogues that prove to be fatal to their conjugal life. Pay attention, if there is any problem encountered by life partners, they must be jointly attended to and solved because they have to be treated as a common problem. The problem should not be seen as part by part.

Happy Married Life

You can not leave your life partner even if he or she is the defaulter. Later on, you will have many occasion to sermonise, but you have to stand up for it on an immediate basis. Partner’s problem needs to be given utmost importance. Otherwise, it means you are rejecting your partner.

There are three stages of the problem to solve.
First, have a dialogue. Listen completely, to what the other one has to say in total. By listening, you are ascertaining that you are giving importance to the problem.
Second, be considerate and sympathetic.
Third, be active to solve the problem.

The trio, Dialogue, Sympathy and Solving the problem are the best tools to encounter an issue for a husband and a wife to have a happy wedlock.


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