World’s First Transparent Tablet

Israelite company Grippity has invented world’s first transparent Android tablet with  touch screen (video).It would priced at about US$ 230. The tablet would be available from October this year.It can be used from both the sides. The prototype have been successful. This tablet works on Android operative system. This is a magical tablet with a transmitter and can be used with remote control like in a TV or DVD.

The transparent screen is about 25% of its size . The front screen is provided with a thumb touch operated input and has on a multiple panel.

The operator can also use the fingers on the reverse screen for its operation simultaneously. The technology of the Grippity consists of various layers in the LCD screen. These layers get light from the backlight. There are two diffusers in layers of tablet. Its like layer behind the mirror.  The picture on the screen is bright due to the mirror. The designers have removed the layer of the diffuser. Thus,  25% of the screen has become transparent. The second screen has been added to this prototype.

When it was first came into limelight the Grippity was not more than a media center keyboard. Its designers have revived the concept as a Android tablet. This design is more versatile than the previous version and has more functions. At this stage it seems the tablet would be much more useful on a large presentation type board than on a tablet.  Like a glass white board type thing. So the tech is good but this application of it isn’t. Technical specifications: Jellybean and Kitkat. Processer: Cortex-A(. Storage: 8 Gb, 32 GB expandable. Screen: 7 inch, 800 x 480 isplay LCD screen. Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Blue tooth transparent-tablet-670



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