The Bower Bird Enticing To Attract Females(bird)

Like the Peacock dance to entice the female, similarly Bowerbird dance to attract the female of its specie.

They also make beautiful nests adding to their enticing skills. This bird from Australia builds and spruces up to decorate the nests with plastic material, colored flowers, leaves, conch, shell, concha and the like with bright and shining colored materials. In a study it was found that female bowerbird likes the blue color the maximum. This is the reason this bird uses the blue colored material maximum in quantity for making the architecturally beautiful nests.  Many birds are renown for their fine courtship behavior as briefed above.

There are ten species of the bowerbird populations distributed in Austro-Papuan area in New Guinea and eight in Australia. Two of them are common in both the areas. Although their distribution is limited to tropical areas of New Guinea and tropical Australia. Some of them are found in in western and southeastern Australia.  They occupy a range of different habitats, including rainforest, eucalyptus and acacia forest, and shrub lands.

Satinbowerbird Male, source Wikipedia
Satinbowerbird Male, source Wikipedia


Their nests are known as bower. Each of the male builds in its own style of bower with unique decoration. It is not unusual to watch some of them carefully planting lawns of moss.

As said earlier others may decorate with stolen shiny coins, spoons, aluminum foil or a glass eye always to create a mood for a romantic rendezvous. They also paint the walls of the bower with dried berries or charcoal. Yes the U shaped entrance may be called as an avenue is decorated from twigs of about same height with flowers as well. The younger bower even go to the length of stealing various decorative pieces from other bower sights. All in all they then wait to fine tune their structure and rearranging the nests for giving an adorable look.


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