Waiter Showing Humanity Becomes a Web Hero

A waiter named Michel Gracia has become a web hero in the US. His notable and courageous act made him popular on the world wide web.

The other day Kim Castillo family, along with their five year old son Milo went out to dine in a restaurant called Laurenzo’s in Houston, Texas. The kid is mentally challenged,  a boy with Down syndrome and requires careful handling. That day, a customer came to dine and was seated on the next table. After some time, he started to make humiliating remarks and fun of Milo. Garcia moved the complaining man to another table, but he was still unhappy. He asserted that special kid should have special place for seating. Milo’s family did not like this, but they chose to ignore and kept quite.

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Michel Gracia

Customers present there appreciated Michel for his moral courage and admired him for his guts. Even the management of the restaurant sided with him. The newcomer had to leave. Usually, when a waiter refuses to serve someone at a restaurant, customers complain. In this case, customers cheered for the waiter. Michel has been working there for two years.  Kim Castillo family has been visiting the restaurant off and on since Milo’s birth. Milo is five years old now.

Laurenzo’s management uploaded the incident on their Facebook page.Viewers from all over and beyond Houston have appreciated Michael for his up righteous bold stand and have wished all the best. He has become a hero.


Photo source: YouTube


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