Microsoft’s Story of Bliss as the Wallpaper of XP

You must have seen this picture for thousands of times. Perhaps as a wallpaper by the name of Bliss on computer or laptop wallpaper. There is an interesting story behind this. Microsoft used it because it wanted to remember the message behind an iconic photo in the video issued. In each of the default wallpaper of the windows XP system video of the company one sees Bliss updates have finished. XP came in 2001 and has just recently stopped the updates.


While remembering the start of the Windows XP, it has been said that in computer history perhaps it is the only universal photo which has not been photoshopped. In 1996, Charles O’Rear took the snap, named it Bliss. It is an attractive view of green grass on rolling green hills with blue sky in the background and fluffy white clouds

O’Rear commented that he could never imagine that Windows XP will be known by this picture.O’Rear recollected that while travelling to northern San Francisco highway 121 he took this shot when they had stopped for a while. After a few years, Earlier to this O’rear had worked for the Los Angles Times and was part Environmental Protection Agency’s DOCUMERICA project and worked for of the National Geographic. He worked for 36 years in this business of being a photographer.

Microsoft paid him a hefty sum for this picture that now seems inadequate for the number of times it has been used.The company had taken the same photo with O’Rear at the same place in 2013 so that no one may doubt the authenticity of the shot. In last few days, this video has been viewed more than 1.2 million times.


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