You See Here New Logos On Facebook

There had been an ongoing but steady demand for buttons projecting other emotions than only Likes on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg declared in his post that he has launched emotion buttons in the whole world.

The Latest Development About Google That You Have To Know.

Google has altered many times, the homepage and product design as well as the look in the last seventeen years. It is a standard practice for a Company to alter the Logo after some time.  The aim of the all teams had to be user-friendly and render service to the users. Google believes in making […]

Garbage Mountain to Be World’s Most Beautiful Garden


For decades, the Hiriya was a symbol of neglect and an environmental hazard but will be known as Ariel Sharon Park. Whole of Tel Aviv’s atmosphere got polluted due to the garbage mountain.Since 1952 to 1998, thousands of peoples’ health of the ‘Hiriya’ area were affected by the city’s waste flowing into the river.

Save Birds / Fantasizing For Kids / Bike Stunt Training

Let the birds also live. An internet user wrote on the Photo sharing website,” when I opened the door the next morning; I was overjoyed to see thousands of crows cawing.” The user uploaded the photo and said that if his wife had seen them live in action, she would have been pleased because she loved […]

Chinese Art School Resembles Harry Potter’s Magic Palace

You must have seen British film producer J K Rolling’s Harry Porter series. There was a school teaching magic, Harry, and his friend learned magic there. Such a looking school is ready and running in the province of Heibei with the name, Academy of Fine Arts in Xinle city, China.

Neuroscientist Shows Brain Structures Through Art

Human brain is beautiful and thought to be one of the most unusual and complicated structure of the universe. Greg Dunn, who got a Ph.D from Pennsylvania, USA, in Neuroscience, later on turned to be an artist, has depicted in his paintings the human Brain.

Seven Star Hotel Like Building: Head Quarters of The UNO

Seven Star Hotel

The United Nation Organization (UNO), New York, building is like a seven star hotel. As the headquarters of UNO, the building got renovated in 2007 since its construction in 1952. Famous architect Michel Anderon got the job of renovation in 2007. It took six years and $ 2052100 to complete the job for the 155 […]

Know How: The Building Of The Largest Container Vessel.

Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering of Opko, South Korea is building the world’s largest container ship named ‘Matz Maersk’. Once, ready the ship will carry 18000 containers at a time. The route would be transoceanic. Vessel’s Principal Specifications: Overall length 1312 feet, breadth 194 feet,  Height 239feet 6 inches and the propellor weighing 70 tons. Twin […]

Web Hot: Popular On The Well Known Web-sights

save energy

imgur: Strange Experiments for Homeless. In Canada, there is a different view of different people for homeless. Some people do not like the homeless whom they consider as rolling stones. They do not want that homeless live near their houses or stay under the bridges or sheltered places in a city or nearby areas. But […]

The Viral Video of Bent iPhone 6

The video of newly launched iPhone 6 – bent has gone Viral. There were more than 31 million views so far. There is a feature in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus which was not officially disclosed by the Company. It was known to other consumers only after a user tweeted the info. He had […]