High Time For All to Stall Unparalleled Climate Change

Today’s climate change is similar to when compared to life on earth at the end of Permian age that had almost ceased over 250 million years ago. In Western Australia, the remains of spinless aquatic species are available to see from the period mentioned. The scientists declared that the ‘Great Dying’ was the result of past Global warming […]

Are Sheet Protectors Recyclable?

Sheet Protectors

In this day and age, people are increasingly more aware of the dangers that waste poses to the environment. Concerns about single-use products like straws are becoming banned, and people are paying more attention to using products that are nontoxic and can be recycled or reused.

Air Pollution And What To Do That Will Make It Better

Air Pollution

Pure air or unpolluted air bestows good health on all living creatures, human, animals, plants. We do not know because of pollution caused by humans how good or bad is the atmosphere around. You need a laboratory or be a scientist to see the quality of air around. The impure air decimates early every year around […]

Climate Change and See How to Go Ahead

Climate Change in bonn

23rd Bonn(Germany) climate change conference commenced on Monday, the of 6th Nov 2017 presided by Island nation Fiji. Twenty-five thousand people from 197 nations are attending this important get together.

Wow, New Bullets Can Sprout Plants to Make Environments Safer


The US Army is about to commence filling their ammunition depots with plastic bullets containing plant seeds to be used for training (shooting) ranges. On firing, the bullets will mix with the earth where they fall and sprout to become plants after a few months.

All You Need to Know on Panama Canal’s New Locks System

Panama Canal

A new chapter got added to the 102 years old Panama Canal. The Canal is the well-known symbol of human ambitions and achievements.  The enhanced capacity got added with an expenditure of US 5.5 billion and construction exceeded the time limit by two years.

Green School- Problem Solving Institution of The World

Current contemporary lifestyles have produced deterioration of our actual surroundings, the ever-increasing need for supplies, increasing competitiveness, a developing division between the wealthy and poor and the looming threat of global warming, with further ill-effects.

Greenery Award Has Transformed Building Designs in the World

Here is a snapshot from Singapore residential area, that is known as ‘City of Garden’ The greenery here is on a hotel rooftop where all the windows have a view of greenery for the guests on each floor. This hotel won the Greenery Award in 2015. Many highrise buildings have adopted this trend mainly in Singapore and the world […]