Wonderful Ten Things Every Day To Make You Happy

Say You Look Goodman: Every morning after getting ready and in front of the mirror before getting away say “You look good man./ woman – you will start feeling better – try it. What a beautiful day it is: While going out in a car, bus or subway or by any mode of travel, just look […]

How in the World a School Turn Out Excellent Achievers ?


You will be astounded to know the achievement of a brilliant girl student Nina Jaiswal who completed @ the age of eight completed 10th class, @ 10-Intermediate, @ 13 Graduation, @ 15-PG and now @ 17 doing her Ph.D. She can write with both the hands, play Piana and cook Hyderabadi Biryani in flat 25 minutes. […]

Pay Zero to Blow Your Mind in the World, How to Work in Snow

This picture belongs to Ladakh, part of Kashmir in the Himalayas. You can see soldiers of Indian Tibetan Border Police (ITBP). They are naked till their pants, undergoing their daily drill/exercise in the snow-covered field. The temperature remains minus twenty at 14000 feet high terrain. Their PRO explained that in winters the mercury would dip […]

How Empathetic Humor is Successful in Solving Problems

Experience the pleasure of humor builds a sense of friendship and relationship among two people—qualities that establish firm, happy association. When you smile with one another, you make a positive correlation between you. This link acts as a powerful defense against tension, misunderstanding, setbacks, and bad spots in a bond.

Inspirational:Google’s Removal of Unpleasant 500 Million Ads in 2014

Google is primarily an internet user company that has made surfing simple and straight forward, as its principle for the customers. It has set an exemplary trend for the other internet firms. The company has deactivated more than 524 million bad advertisements from its web world. More than 150 countries and territories had bad advertisers. […]

Some Flowers-Part 2-In Alphabetic Order-Edelweiss+Forsythia


Edelweiss: It is a romantic flower, belongs to Asteraceae family (the daisy or sunflower). The nature has protected this flower from the effects of cold, non-availability of water and sun’s ultraviolet rays by providing thick hair. It belongs to Asteraceae family (the daisy or sunflower). It grows in Swiss Alps and grows easily in most of the gardens. […]

Surfing Park in Melbourne Harbour

Melbourne will be the first world city to have floating surf park. Two Architect firms are working on this. Very soon they will present such a park to the citizens. The city will be a trend setter and a heaven for those who are into water sports and outdoor activities. Photo credit: Dainik Bhaskar The […]

Story – Whatever Happens In Life Is For Good

Many times in our lives many problems are encountered that we do not understand. To show this here is a story: Once upon a time a volunteer Sunny ( name changed) working for the temple became very thoughtful, as he had worked all his life there. Sunny felt that the God would listen to his […]

Seven Star Hotel Like Building: Head Quarters of The UNO

Seven Star Hotel

The United Nation Organization (UNO), New York, building is like a seven star hotel. As the headquarters of UNO, the building got renovated in 2007 since its construction in 1952. Famous architect Michel Anderon got the job of renovation in 2007. It took six years and $ 2052100 to complete the job for the 155 […]

Noble Peace Prize for 2014 – Aims to Save Children from Opression

Declaration, for Noble Peace prize for this year since yesterday, has elated spirits of many all over the world. People will at large sigh with a sense of relief. The wise choice of the peace award committee of the Noble prize deserves all kudos. The two political enemies nations can expect good days to come. […]