Fiat Built a Testing Track on the Roof of its Five Story Headquarters

Fiat is well known car company. In 1920, it had 80-% share of the car business in Italy. During the peak of the first-world war, it had constructed its headquarters (Lingotto factory) in Turin, Italy. Lingotto is a district and a city in Italy. A Testing track was built on the rooftop to save time […]

One of the Largest plane is Antonov Mriya

During the Soviet Union era, Ukraine had made a jetliner called Antonov Mriya AN-125, world’s largest plane, is still in service. The word Mriya means ‘dream.’ The later versions are numbered Antonov-225

Nothing Goes Up In Space Without His Sniffing.

George Aldrich is neither an expert space traveler nor makes a space shuttle but the Chief Sniffer of NASA, White Sands, New Mexico. His job is to smell everything that goes up from the test facility at this NASA center. Many objects do not give out any smell on the earth, but in space they […]

China’s Tianhe-2, the Fastest Supercomputer.

Chinese have done an excellent job this year by continuing to lead in the field of Supercomputers. The National University of Defense Technology has successfully made a supercomputer Tianhe-2, the fastest speed supercomputer in the world.

Michael Schumacher’s Will to Recover After the Accident

Michael Schumacher: makes it to life after six months of remaining in coma.He has a record of winning seven times of Formula 1. Car racing. This time he has won the race with life, the longest race.He was given off by the hospital and treatment will go on as an outpatient. What happened to Michael Schumacher  He is aged […]