Chinese Art School Resembles Harry Potter’s Magic Palace

You must have seen British film producer J K Rolling’s Harry Porter series. There was a school teaching magic, Harry, and his friend learned magic there. Such a looking school is ready and running in the province of Heibei with the name, Academy of Fine Arts in Xinle city, China.

Track On The Roof Of The School

Urbanization is a universal phenomenon. The phenomenal cost the construction activities can not be carried out as before. The school administration of Tiantai, Taizhou, Zhejiang, (China) got the idea to make an athletic track on the roof of the school. Initially, the authorities of the school were not ready to take up this idea. But, […]

Surfing Park in Melbourne Harbour

Melbourne will be the first world city to have floating surf park. Two Architect firms are working on this. Very soon they will present such a park to the citizens. The city will be a trend setter and a heaven for those who are into water sports and outdoor activities. Photo credit: Dainik Bhaskar The […]

Web Seasoning : 1) Miracle in Medical Science 2) Burz Dubai

1)Miracle in Medical Science Millions of spinal cord injury related patients have the superb chance to recover from the incurable condition due to advanced research and development in the field now. Darek Fidyka of Bulgaria got paralyzed in a knife attack by hooligans. The medical team of doctors told him about the loss of sensation in […]

Know How: The Building Of The Largest Container Vessel.

Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering of Opko, South Korea is building the world’s largest container ship named ‘Matz Maersk’. Once, ready the ship will carry 18000 containers at a time. The route would be transoceanic. Vessel’s Principal Specifications: Overall length 1312 feet, breadth 194 feet,  Height 239feet 6 inches and the propellor weighing 70 tons. Twin […]

Revival of New York’s Soul : World Trade Center Rises Again

Thirteen years earlier militancy had attracted the attention of the world. Being the principal trade, business and commercial center of the USA, twin towers of World Trade Center, New york were the attraction and the pride of the US. The towers were opened to the public on April 4th, 1973. The Agency that planned the […]

Web Unique: 1) Mont Saint-Michel – French Monastery 2) A Chinese Love-Lore

French Monastery is a World Heritage Site.   The rock off shore near Normandy, Northwestern France since year 600 AD has an interesting history. There is a Christian monastery named Mont Saint-Michel got established because of its location. This small island’s fortification because of its strategic position could not be seized in 100 years’ war. Photograph: […]