Track On The Roof Of The School

Urbanization is a universal phenomenon. The phenomenal cost the construction activities can not be carried out as before. The school administration of Tiantai, Taizhou, Zhejiang, (China) got the idea to make an athletic track on the roof of the school.
Initially, the authorities of the school were not ready to take up this idea. But, the compulsion of children’s need to have a physical activity facility impelled them to change the plans. The challenge got taken up by all and built a suitable plan came into the program. The school hired the services of architects Ruan Hao, Yuan Zhan, Gary He. A track of the length 200 meters got planned. The kids could easily reach the roof using secure and comfortable stairs.

Ruan Hao says that earlier, the school children did not have so much space for practicing and play. Sufficient care has been taken to reduce the vibration and noise level downwards to the 4th floor, for this spring cushions are used for the track every 50 cm. There are three tiers of railing provided for safety of the children.

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Photo credit: Dainik Bhaskar.

The track is having such a good design that it is being appreciated and discussed all over the world. This design would be heading the theme in 14th Venice Architecture Exhibition.

The school is an example for all that it serves well the purpose of children to have premises having sufficient space and place. The school, after the construction, have the necessary environment for all round development of knowledge, physical fitness, cultural values, and ethics. The acute problem of shortage of space in the old city also got solved in a single shot by making the track on the roof.


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