Abraham Lincoln was a True believer in Karma

In those days, the American congressman election campaign was going on. The campaign was at its peak, and Abraham Lincoln had an important role to play. He was working hard for the Republican party and was working day in day out during this period. Because of him the rest of thee team was energised. During those busy times, Lincoln received an invitation from a Peter Cart White of a religious society. He did not want to go to this congregation as he was too busy. But he respected their sentiments and agreed to attend the meet. The preacher commenced his sermon to which Lincoln listened to the sermon consciously. In the end the Preacher questioned the audience as to who all wanted to go to the heaven, the majority consented to the query. Then he asked about those who wanted go to hell, some people volunteered for this as well. He then asked Mr. Lincoln where exactly did he want to go as he had not chosen either of the place. Lincoln stood up and said that he wanted to go the Congress.
This small message meant a lot. He clarified to the preacher that the irrelevant question had no validity at that time.


Abraham Lincoln worked at the grass root level. He always believed to give the right picture to the people to achieve the goals. He gave the people correct information to solve any national crises.Selfless work to reach the goal was a real tribute to this true believer in karma ( action & deed). That was how Lincoln got rewarded with Almighty God’s favor- was the President of America and abolished slavery.


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