Yogic treatment of Gout or Arthritis


Those suffering from gout and arthritis have constipation in general.Daily give hot and cold packs on the stomach for twenty minutes followed by clay placed on the stomach for another twenty minutes. Follow it with anyone of the natural method of hot and cold bath, steam bath, tub or jacuzzi bath, wet sheet wrap or […]

Chicago’s Unique Tilting Balcony

John Hancock Center building has a tilting balcony in Chicago is much in the news these days. The builders wanted to attract visitors to do something different from others.The building has a unique feature for its popularity due to the tilt-able balcony on the 94th floor.

Now Amazon.com Will Make Own Marketing Rules

Amazon has secured the important patent in the USA. Now the company can prepare on its own the ad of any product for marketing. It has now the rights even to market a product with its own atmosphere suitable for the said product.

Larry’s Card Had the Homepage of Google


Larry Page and Karl Page( father) are the founders of Google, but they made special efforts for its success. Larry Page as the CEO is such a person who had enjoined his name with Google.

Interesting tales of Logos of the Multinationals

Evolution: The Logo of any company is as important as the product. Some multinational companies had their logos entirely different from what they are today. You can see below the examples of change.   MICRO –SOFT Microsoft 1975 Your potential. Our Passion. Present Logo The recognition of Bill Gates and the Logo that we see […]