Obama’s Old Photograph Caused a War in the Press

On the first day of his state visit to Britain, President Obama had a busy schedule. It was nice and pleasant surprise to note that they agreed to play ping pong in the late afternoon. He and the British Prime Minister David Cameron as partners had played ping pong with the students of Globe Academy, […]

Hotel Made of Salt is not Less Than a Wonder !

Many types of hotels exist in the world with their own specialties and peculiarities. Up until now you may have known about hotels constructed in water, ice or sky but here we bring you a hotel made of salt in Kolchanni, Bolivia about 350 kilometers south of the capital La Paz, South America. Its name […]

Photo shoot with Sunk Ships in Ocean Depths

Any photo shoot is not without problems. If you have the right planning, vision, schedule, team and the necessary equipment, then you can complete the shootout by surmounting the problems.

Hot on the Web IV : 1) Come 2017 – Have Flying Bike 2) Storm Snap

1) Come 2017 Have Flying Bike Aerofax a California based company of the USA has promised to launch a flying hover bike by 2017. Name: Aero – X. With the spec: Speed – 72 KMP Altitude, 12 feet, Can take off and land Vertically, Weight lifting 149 Kg, Flight time on Full tank  75 minutes. […]

Chicago’s Unique Tilting Balcony

John Hancock Center building has a tilting balcony in Chicago is much in the news these days. The builders wanted to attract visitors to do something different from others.The building has a unique feature for its popularity due to the tilt-able balcony on the 94th floor.