How to Remarkably Retain Your Fascinating Youth?

Keep away the useless numbers such as age, weight, and height. Let the doctor worry about them because you are paying him for that, Keep friendship with those who are jovial and joyous. The stubborn, irritable people should be avoided because they lower the moral of all those around. Keep learning something new like craft, gardening, the radio, do not […]

How Empathetic Humor is Successful in Solving Problems

Experience the pleasure of humor builds a sense of friendship and relationship among two people—qualities that establish firm, happy association. When you smile with one another, you make a positive correlation between you. This link acts as a powerful defense against tension, misunderstanding, setbacks, and bad spots in a bond.

Learn How to Actually Love in Marriage – Dedicated to All


She got presented on her wedding with a $ 1000 check gift from her mother in a saving account. Mother had a motto to make her life full of blessings and a secured but happy future. She told her to deposit some amount in future whenever she (they) had something to celebrate and record the […]

Sports – Find Here The Social Benefits They Offer


There are multiple uses of playing sports. Masses, in general, should know the value of sports and games and adapt to various game’s activities. The fitness benefits include muscles balancing in the day to day life.  The bones get strengthened resulting in lowering of the stress level, better functioning of the heart, greater control in case of diabetes, […]

It’s Time Man Admits Absolutely That Woman is Superior to Him

Woman is Superior

For humans to live happily, one has to understand the problems and their solutions of life. All the contentment, happiness, delight, joy are part of men and woman when they remain together in harmony. Because she gives birth, feeds, and raises the man ( woman), she is superior to the offspring at all times.

Here is How to be Safe From Mental Challenges by Yoga

Kids come from school and often complain or give some info about the school. There could be some complaints, or some excuses are provided by them. Do not ignore.  Wise parents should attentively listen to distinguish between excuses or complaints. Usually,  a complaint about the bully is taken lightly.

You See How Free Kitchen Solves Problems of the World

What is Free Kitchen (Langar ) and its story? Langar is the free kitchen where food gets served in a Gurdwara hall. The practice of the langar, or free kitchen, is thought to have been started by the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak.

Launching Black Dot Benefits More Females from Violence

Maltreatment of women is the biggest problem in the world and such an affair at home breaks down women emotionally. In such a Serious and distressing position, they are usually unable to express themselves. They bear all the consequences quietly. Since the Black dot idea commenced, it has become such a movement that is helpful […]